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PGA Junior League

A game and experience of it's own

PGA Jr. League is shifting the way youth golf is learned and played, including the adoption of league play, team golf and scoring with flags and points.

Expert Coaching 

Behind each and every PGA Jr. League is a PGA Coach providing a safe, caring and organized environment for every child to become (and stay) a golfer.  These experts in the game are provided pga_junior_2with flexibility to create a coaching program that works best for their players and families. Teams with Friends or New Friends

Teams with Friends or New Friends

Easily one of the best parts of PGA Jr. League is the team component!  All kids will be part of a local team that may consist of anywhere from twelve or more players.  Teams are part of leagues, organized together so that games can be played and local league standing can be kept.  Some leagues may be held entirely at one facility under a PGA Coach.  These in-house leagues include multiple teams that practice and played at the same facility etch week, though some in-house leagues may travel to other facilities for friendly matches of Play Day.

If you have any question please email Kirby Benoit

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Kirby Benoit certified PGA coach / Jeff Chiodo PGA Professional / Carol Nitzschke-Henrich PGA Professional